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Welcome to Reefscapes.net's E-zine, a monthly online reefkeeping periodical free to the public.  Reefscapes.net has no sponsors or commercial interests.  This E-zine will attempt to present all materials as accurately and objectively as possible: a magazine by hobbyists for hobbyists.


For those interested in more advanced reading material, visit www.advancedaquarist.com: the preeminent source for current, peer-reviewed, science-based information.


For the beginner and intermediate hobbyists, visit www.reefkeeping.com: an excellent monthly reefkeeping periodical.





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On the first Tuesday of each month, Reefscapes.net will present one to two original reefkeeping articles.  

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The Breefcase Files archive various works written by Breefcase in reefs.org's bulletin board.  

                last update | 5/14/02      pH Calibration Fluids | Shelf Life


Reefscapes.net will evaluate various new and exciting reefkeeping products for their build quality, ergonomics, performance, and value.

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08/01/02:  Reefscapes.net's E-zine will suspended until January, 2003 due to my commitments to other organizations (e.g. reefs.org).  During this time, the site will undergo some minor but significant improvements such as the addition of a search engine.  Expect many new, exclusive articles to appear next year by various authors.  We promise our new content worth will be the wait! 


06/13/02:  Search Feature Added

05/14/02:  Interface/navigation revisions installed

05/14/02:  One transcript added to Breefcase Files

04/02/02:  April Issue released.

03/13/02:  Interface/navigation revisions per reader requests

03/07/02:  Launch of Reefscapes.net E-zine.